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Investor Guide to Merrill Lynch ABS Securities

LASER is designed to deliver comprehensive information about Merrill Lynch ABS issuances to our current and potential investors. The site offers collateral and bond performance data, original characteristics, issuance and current data tapes, deal prospective and transaction summary. LASER covers more than hundreds of deals issued across various residential products and shelves. The issuers include Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors (MLMI), Specialty Underwriting Residential Finance (SURF), and Merrill Lynch Credit Corporation (MLCC). Additionally, the Loan Insight tool provides our clients with granular up-to-date servicing information from the Wilshire Credit Corporation. We are continually working on improving this site; please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions at absinvestor_support@ml.com

Loan Insight presents our clients with secure up-to-date loan-level servicing information from the Wilshire Credit Corporation. Our users are able review their loan portfolio data on different levels of aggregation. The current and historical loan performance data are presented via variety of loan performance reports. Loan Insight helps our clients to understand, at the loan level, asset performance, and projected recovery in case of default.

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